Share Your Good News with Altus!

Guidelines and Tips

Does your Altus School have an upcoming event to share with our community?

Do you have a success story? Do you need to recognize a teacher or student for their work?

Did your department just release a new program and need a place to promote it?

Use the online submission form to tell us about upcoming events and announcements related to your Altus school or department. Please allow at least five (5) business days for final posting.


  • Only Altus schools or departments can post announcements.
  • Third-party submissions need prior approval by the Communications Department.
  • Content submitted will be reviewed and edited for style, format and appropriateness.
  • The school lead or director of the department must approve their submissions before being posted.
  • Indicate all audiences with whom you would like your message to be shared. Based on your submission type and audience, we will determine how we can best accommodate your request.
  • Photos of students require a signed media consent form.


  • Submit the announcement or article as you want it posted. We will do our best to keep it the way you submitted it to us.
  • Start drafting your message in a word document, then copy and paste.
  • Add the name of the author if it’s an article.
  • Attach a .JPEG or .JPG photo to be featured with your submission.

For more information, contact the Communications Office at 858-678-4811.

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