The Altus Overview


All Altus Schools are tuition-free, public option schools with open enrollment and year-round courses. To find out which schools are available in your county, visit our Locations page. Click here to enroll.

Altus School Culture

At Altus Schools, teachers are committed to providing a personalized and rigorous academic experience for each student. Teachers are trained to work on specific student needs. We ask that students and parents commit to working closely with our teachers. Teachers are actively involved with students and families, engaging with parents on a weekly basis through formal meetings, home visits, phone calls, and emails. Families are considered part of the learning ‘team’ and an integral part of the learning process.

Altus graduates from The Charter School of San Diego celebrate at their commencement ceremony.
Altus graduates from The Charter School of San Diego celebrate at their commencement ceremony.

The Altus University Model

Each Altus Schools operates on a “university model” of classes, in which students work on 1-2 courses at a time and are expected to complete one course every 3-4 weeks.  Students progress at an individual pace, receive tutoring or enrichment as needed, and participate in small group tutoring sessions to meet academic goals. Students earn course credits and attendance by successfully participating in school activities and completing lessons that demonstrate mastery of the state standards. Altus Schools’ implementation includes a successful model of collaborative learning, teaching across the curriculum, self-paced lessons, and year-round open enrollment.

Altus Schools are proud to offer a wide range of core courses as well as electives, from art classes…
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… to computer science and technology-based classes.

Altus Schools vs. Traditional Schools

Unlike traditional schools, each Altus School:

  • Provides one-on-one, personalized, distraction-free instruction, with consistent support and mentoring from one teacher assigned to each student for a year or longer. On-demand teachers are personally involved and held accountable for individual student success.
  • Sets rigorous standards and measures each student’s level of initiative and self-discipline, productivity, and achievement of academic credit and social skills. C work or better is required for credit and for advancing a grade level. Team collaboration and communication skills are required at C grade level or above.
  • Requires community service and/or work internship at a level exceeding that of most public or private schools.

If you would like more information about any of the schools, feel free to contact us.