Two Students are Recognized for Receiving Computer Scholarship


zayneZayne Marquez is a friendly, bright, and responsible student.  He is well-liked by his peers and is always upbeat and smiling. Zayne is a predictable student regarding task completion.  He is good at working on one subject at a time, so this program is a great fit for him in that way. Zayne tries hard on his assignments too. He is earning A’s and B’s in his math course and shows his work thoroughly too! Recently, Zayne began his Service Learning class, a course on volunteering, at the nearby elementary school, Dewey.  Grateful to have this experience, Zayne will be assisting there with a couple of his fellow peers. Zayne is doing well maintaining control over both classes.  He is a dedicated student whose got good values and is responsible. He is thankful and appreciative that he was chosen for this computer scholarship.


ryan Ryan Welch is a smart, curious, expressive student.  Because Ryan considers things fully before responding, his school work reflects this and is above-average. His work is careful and done with pride.  He is a GATE student, who appreciates a flexible school environment.  Ryan is an avid reader, who is politically knowledgeable too. He enjoys having a good debate and has been a great participant in ELA tutorials. Ryan is articulate and practical, which helps him be thoughtful and detailed in both his written and verbal participation. Ryan also has a caring side. He has recently begun his volunteer service hours at Dewey Elementary School.  Volunteering there for approximately three weeks, Ryan seems genuinely thrilled to have chosen Dewey.  Personally, I think this normally self-reserved student finds great joy in helping others.